Mid-Week Classes


Worship For Life Discipleship Series:

January – May, Grades 1-5 Fun Rec and Bible Study time with both large group and small group elements that teach children how to apply Bible concepts and stories to their everyday lives. Through the use of music, videos and fun interactions with other children, we go on a journey of Biblical learning each week.

Watcha’ Need?:

January – May, Grade 5 only “Tweens” face so many choices and challenges before going to Middle School. Each week leaders look for answers in the Bible for topics like: personal image, music, prayer life, lifestyle witnessing, showing respect, and making good decisions! This is for current 5th Graders only.

Children’s Choir:

August – November, Grades 1-5 Children’s Choir is more than just music. Children learn how to worship God through songs, choreography, drama and weekly Bible stories with lessons, games, activities, and memory verses. This year's Musical Presentation will be the week before Thanksgiving.

Mid-Week Connect

August – November, Grades 1-5 A broadly graded discipleship class for 1st—5th Graders that focuses on learning God’s truths through Recreation and Bible Study.